Home Mural Fest – Void Projects


Between April 12th and 30th 2020 67 artists came together / apart across the globe in a large collective effort to connect and create simultaneously regardless of locked location.
Working from their prospective places of isolation they are currently creating a live intervention; whether on their living room or studio wall, in the bathtub or on the kitchen floor, this project aims to explore and utilise the limits that have restricted these artists from their seasonal outdoor escapades.
This project explores the boundaries between the inside and the outside. The work that is normally produced in public spaces becomes significant in the privacy and intimacy of our own homes, having the people we live with and/or ourselves as the viewers. With the opportunity to share this intimacy with the world through the window of our screens, technology serves as an honest tool for togetherness.

This is my contribution to this Home Mural Festival, you can see a video bellow that shows the process of this painting from start to finish. It measures 2 meters by 1.75 meters and is titled “The Blind Watchmaker”.