Memories of Lallange, Esch-sur-Alzette – Luxembourg

For this mural I was inspired by the stories, memories and testimonies of the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Lallange. This was a project organized by and in collaboration with Nuit de la culture esch, Ville esch, Esch 2022 C2dl and Kulturfabrik. The project started with a visit in February, to get to know the place and the people living there, then I made some sketches and the public voted on the proposal they most resonated with and that best represented their neighbourhood. The result was surrealist conjunction between the past (in black and white) and the present (in color). On the side of the past I highlighted the old aerodrome of Lallange (the first in Luxembourg to regularly fly to and back from England) and also the lakes that used to exist but have since disappeared and in which the people used to ice skate. On the side of the present I portrayed some typical houses of the neighbourhood with their 50s architecture and the children that play throughout all the neighbourhood. In the foreground I also made a reference to the old photographs that were shared with us by the people during this process, to the family albums as one of the few connections that the immigrants have with their country of origin and lastly to a theme that the habitants talked about a lot – the contrast between nature and concrete, symbolised by a plant that grows through the cracks on the sidewalk.